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Financial audit
The Effect of Financial Expertise and Experience of the Audit Committee Chair on Auditor Selection, Audit Fees and Audit Quality

اکرم afsay

Volume 21, Issue 81 , April 2024


  The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between financial expertise and the experience of the audit committee chairman with auditor selection, audit fees and audit quality. In order to achieve the goal of the research, a sample equal to 99 companies admitted to the Tehran Stock Exchange ...  Read More

Accounting tools
Audit Engagement Quality Control Review Process

Mehri Bakhteyari; Javad Rezazadeh; kumars Biglar

Volume 20, Issue 80 , February 2024, , Pages 81-130


  The implementation of the engagement quality control review (EQCR) by the engagement quality control reviewer has been considered as one of the key elements of quality control in the auditing standards and its implementation is required in the audit of companies listed on the stock exchange. In this ...  Read More

Accounting report
Discovery of Audit Distortions and Financial reporting readability; Emphasis on the moderating role of managers' ability

Mahdi Saghafi; Azam Pouryousof; Ali Shirzadi

Volume 20, Issue 80 , February 2024, , Pages 215-254


  In this research, the relationship between the discovery of audit distortions and the readability of financial reports has been investigated, as well as the moderating effect of management ability on this relationship. This research is practical in terms of its purpose, and the correlation method is ...  Read More

Accounting and various aspects of finance
Audit Quality: Providing a Model and Investigating the Gap between the Current Situation and the Desired Level

AliAkbar Javan; jafar babajani; mohamad marfo; Farokh Barzideh

Volume 20, Issue 79 , December 2023, , Pages 45-84


  In this study, by using the Fuzzy Delphi research methodology and getting the expert opinions, it was tried to identify indicators for improving audit quality approved by experts in order to design a suitable model for the Economy of IRAN by utilizing a confirmatory factor analysis model. Also in this ...  Read More

Accounting and various aspects of finance
Identification of Non-Fragile Variables Affecting Tax Audit Quality

Mohammad Hassanjani Khoshkroudi; Iman Dadashi; Bahram Mohseni maleki rastaghi; Hamidreza Gholamnia roshan

Volume 20, Issue 79 , December 2023, , Pages 165-203


  The aim of this study is to develop a comprehensive model that identifies the non-fragile variables affecting the quality of tax audit. We analyzed 511 tax files from Mazandaran province in the period spanning 2012 and 2021. Initially, through interviews with experts and literature, 64 factors affecting ...  Read More

Financial audit
Scientific Mapping of the Literature on Internal Audit Quality

Bita Mashayekhi; Milad Samavat; Amin Jahangard

Volume 20, Issue 78 , September 2023, , Pages 35-75


  This study aims to conduct a literature review on internal audit quality literature using bibliometrics methods, including time-trend and impact analysis of studies, journals, authors, institutions, and countries. We also identified Conceptual, Intellectual, and Social structure of this line of research. ...  Read More