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The Role of Modern and Conventional Ratios in Financial Decisions

Farokh Barzideh

Volume 3, Issue 11 , October 2005, Pages 157-175

  In time past many ratios such as current  ratio  and  quick  ratio  had  bee11 used  for evaluations of corporation  liquidity and  ability in debt  repayment. But in recent years because of some deficiency and defection of  these two ratios some ...  Read More

Color Graphics and Task Complexity in Multivariate Decision Making

Mohsen Khoshtinat; Mahtab Roohnia

Volume 3, Issue 11 , October 2005, Pages 177-207

  The duty of an accountant is more than measurement, classification and simple summarizing of data of financial reports which is used by others and the main purpose of accounting reports is to force an effect on behaviors in term of useful applications. Subjects such as improvement in relationships increase ...  Read More

A Comparative Examination of Management Forecasts and Box­ Jenkins Forecasts of Earning

Seyed Majid Shariatpanahi; Ghasem Ghasemi

Volume 3, Issue 11 , October 2005, Pages 209-225

  In this research the investigator tries to predict the companies’ EPS by comparing the most famous forecast with management foresees companies’ budget. For this goal, among different types of forecasting methods, the most famous of them (Box-Jenkins method) is chosen and based on economic ...  Read More

Empirical Relationship between Accounting/ Market Variables and Stock Return

Ali Rahmani; Elnaz Tajvidi

Volume 3, Issue 11 , October 2005, Pages 227-246

  In view of the expanding capital market, it is of great significance to recognize the variables affecting stock return and its price. There exist different methods for the prediction of stock return such as the Capital Assets Pricing Model, the so-called CAPM, Market Model, Arbitrage Pricing Theory and ...  Read More